Why do the council want to develop these sites?

There are 700 households on the Council’s waiting list and there is an urgent need for new affordable homes in the District.  The Council has a programme of building new affordable housing, wherever possible, on sites it already owns.  Following a review of garage sites and other small sites across the District this short list of sites which could be developed was drawn up.

What’s wrong with the garages as they are?

The garages are out-of-date, some are in a poor condition and in many cases are used for storage as they are too small for modern cars.

What type of housing is proposed and who will live there?

The proposals vary from site to site and are for a range of two- and three-bedroom houses and a small number of one and two bed flats and bungalows. Some homes will be suitable for people with mobility problems.

Please click on the relevant site page for more information.

Who will live there?

The homes will be for local people on the Council’s housing register.

What will happen to people renting garages at the moment?

There will be some alternative garages available and these will be allocated according to priority.

What will the new homes look like?

They will be modern design of traditional materials – brick with tiled rooves and UpVC windows.  Images of similar homes are shown on the site pages.

Will they have car parking?

The new homes will have allocated parking spaces built as part of the development so residents will not need to park on the existing estate.

Will there be any replacement parking?

For some of the sites we have managed to provide some additional parking for existing residents and we are interested to hear whether this is needed, or whether green spaces could be an alternative.

What happens next?

After we have had feedback from residents, we will look to update our designs, where possible, with the intention of providing updated plans to residents in the autumn prior to planning submission.

Will the building work be disruptive?

We will appoint contractors who are used to working on small sites near existing residents. They will be required to provide a plan showing how they will organise their deliveries and building work to minimise disruption.

How will you keep us informed of progress?

We will be back in touch with regular updates by letter and on this website.

How can I give you my feedback?

Local residents will be able to provide feedback through the consultation website or by letter or phone, and once the applications are submitted, local residents can comment on the planning application.

Who will manage the affordable housing?

The housing will be owned and managed by Adur Homes.